SK8 - Freestyle $225

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     This SK8 model with Xtreme off road wheels is recommended for smooth to semi-rough pavement. Comes with torsion trucks new to the industry with an incredible 6 foot turning radius. This is the freestyle board of the century.

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    • Revolutionary Longboard Skateboard Truck.
    • Eliminates high speed wobbles.
    • Unprecedented turning ability, 6' diameter.
    • Alloy aluminum construction.
    • Alloy steel cast in place axle.
    • Internal steel cam eliminates wheel bite.
    • Changeable bushing.
    • Lifetime guarantee.

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    What is the eXkate torsion truck?

    The eXkate torsion truck is a revolutionary skateboard truck, designed especially for longboard skateboards. (any deck over 36"). The first thing that probably jumps out at you is the big beefy chunk of high grade poly-urethane rubber we have fastened around our 45 angle steel kingpin. The kingpin runs directly through the middle of our patented anti-bite system, which consists of a steel shaft that has (2) 25 cuts, that lines up and inserts into the truck base plate connection and give you a radical but stable turning ability. All this inside our beefy 2" thick bushing.
    The torsion truck bushing is fastened between the hangar and the base plate, thus truck stress when a rider is carving is distributed in a linear manner, you see the rubber tworks, twists and then rebounds to its original position. This is in contrast to the "old school" design where the rubber is compressed and quickly reaches it’s apex. It is by no means as responsive as the torsion truck the reason should be obvious.
    Because of it’s inherent nature the torsion truck may also travel at speeds in excess 25 mph. and you will not experience high speed wobbles. There is no adjustment to the kingpin it is simply part of the magic of this new incredible product. You can "bomb" a hill at 20 mph. and make a corner turn something absolutely out of the realm of possibility with a traditional truck system.