Very smooth ride!!  Now only $395

The HP series provides for a smoother ride and higher performance for the heavier streetsailors out there. It is also recommended for those of you who plan on riding their Streetsailor very hard and in harsh condition such as mud, dirt and sand. hpats.gif (61503 bytes)
Like all sports, there is always a need for the High Performance models. Although it looks identical to the ATS the difference is in the wheels, bearings and axle. With it's high speed sealed bearings, the HPATS was developed for the extreme Streetsailor who needs all-terrain options.
The HPATS is a completely convertible board which accepts 2 types of wheels. The HP comes standard with 12“ pneumatic wheels which provides for a smooth ride and higher performance. When riding this board on dirt or pavement, there is plenty of deck space in front of the universal for those tricky moves and that fancy footwork.