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DeLorme is a leading publisher of maps, atlases, mapping software and online mapping applications, available in a wide variety of digital and paper formats.
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Globalstar provides high quality, affordable, and reliable satellite communications. Globalstar gives you the choice to stay in touch even when your adventures take you beyond cellular coverage.

Fish Outa Water is proud to sponsor Rob on his great adventure. We're actually looking forward to joining him for a week during his journey. We all long to venture out into the unknown as is Bob. We just need to learn how to let go of the comforts of our daily routines. It's a bit of an acquired skill.................... Sail ON!! JR

Da Kine builds the best, most innovative, and comprehensive line of windsurfing products available.


Ezzy Sails are the highest quality windsurfing sails available. The materials that are built into the Ezzy designs are the finest, and most expensive materials used by any sailmaker; production or custom.

Clothing For All Conditions. As fashion becomes increasingly casual, athletic clothes have become everyday clothes, a way to look sharp and stay comfortable whether you're sailing upwind, ripping on a mountain, or e-mailing a sales report. With unisex and cross-generational appeal, UN Clothing is known for its inspired designs and durability.

Speedtech specializes in portable, self-powered electronic instruments, including a complete line of wireless weather stations.


Richard Rahder, Santa Cruz Solar Racers

John Highkin, Fern Street Circus

Anita Baker from Seattle, WA
Dan Seligson, fellow diver
San Francisco, CA
James Waite of Watsonville, CA
Pierre Rigal from France
$ 25
Andy Ratner of San Diego, CA
John an Holly Kennedy from San Diego
Professional Golfers
Maggy and Nabil Costandy (fellow Streetsailor) from New Bern, NC


Sony Poteat, San Diego.
Water Skier