Join Our Team

 The Streetsail Across America project has considerable equipment supplier support but is still looking for outside funding to make this adventure possible.   Simply put, the financial goal of the project is to break even after equipment and operational costs.

Your contribution, whether corporate or private, no matter what the amount, will be recognized on our website in the sponsorship section.

With an overall budget of $40,000, the project requires just $18,000 in cash sponsorship for the remaining items on the "essentials" list.

What do you get for your contribution?

It will be my duty to maximize the value of your contribution through several methods:

Logo exposure:

Your corporate logo can be placed in highly-photographed areas such as sails, sailor’s clothing and the support RV. These elements will be visible along the 2,181-mile route for 48 days during television interviews, photo sessions, web photo postings and the thousands of motorists seeing your company, brand and product associated with something cool!

Website Link:

Your company listed as a supporting sponsor with a direct link established from the project website.


A multimedia approach is being taken to broadcast Streetsail Across America to the public:

Other possibilities exist which I would be willing to discuss with your Marketing Department.


After much research and experimentation, I firmly believe the objective of a Trans-USA cross-country crossing under sail is entirely possible, although I cannot do it alone. It will take an integrated team of specialists. Only then will it be possible.

The most important team members will be YOU, the event sponsor and supplier furnishing a total of approximately $40,000 in cash and equipment to accomplish the crossing and establish a new Guinness Book World Record. With your support, I in turn will be tasked to deliver maximum value for your investment.

The Streetsail Across America project is unique in its mission, a fresh idea never before attempted and new to the American public. It appeals to a broad range of the general public, offering a wide range of advertisement opportunities and an association of your company with an event that thinks a little outside the box.

I am fully committed to this task, determined, informed and prepared. All I need is a little help from you to Streetsail Across America.

Who knows what further possibilities lie beyond the horizon. I am already beginning to analyze other cross-country/Transcontinental voyages in Europe and Australia. The imagination is flowing!

Please feel free to contact me for more information on how you can help at the numbers listed below.

Thank you!

Bob Torline
Streetsail Across America