Financials: My objective is to break even after equipment purchases and operating expenses. The budget target of $30,000 will be met by corporate sponsorship.

Equipment List:

Anemometer-hand held
Mast 460 carbon 2 pc
Bedding/Dishes, etc.
Mast 460 carbon spare 2 pc
Street Sailor
Mast Extension
Tire Gauge
Booms (large)
Mast Extension spare
Tire Pump
Booms (small)
Pads (Shoulder, elbow, knee)
Road Maps - detailed
Tube repair kit
Compass-hand held
RV gas/oil
Two-way radios
Digital Still Camera
RV Insurance
U-joint + spare
Extra inner tubes 1 set ea
RV Purchase/Rental
Video Camera
Extra tires 3 sets ea
Sail repair kit

Witness Book

Extra wheels (1 set)
Sail: 3.0m
First Aid KitFood 60 dayspeople
Sail: 4.0m
Generator gas
Sail: 4.5m
GPS-hand held
Sail: 5.0m
Harness + spare
Sail: 6.0m
Harness Lines + spare
Sail: 7.0m
Sail: spinnaker & gear
Laptop Computer
Sailing Gloves
Log Book
Spare bearings
Mast 400 carbon 2 pc
Spare Grip Tape